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Having Provident Building & Renovations evaluate your fireplace, chimney, and appliance venting provides peace-of-mind knowing that your home is safe from a smoke or fire hazard. The National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute recommend annual fireplace and chimney inspections. Provident specializes in these vital fire protection measures.
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Keeping Your Chimney Clean

Having your chimney inspected and cleaned facilitates the safety and efficiency of gas appliances, furnaces, and boilers which vent through your chimney.

A commonly overlooked risk to homeowners is hazardous build-ups of creosote in chimney flues and smoke chambers. Wood burning stoves and fuel-burning appliances (natural gas or propane) – not just fireplace use – contribute to the dangerous build-up of soot. Let Provident service your chimney and fireplace to eliminate adverse conditions that lead to house fires.

Natural gas is a popular choice for home heating in many areas because it’s inexpensive and new. In addition, higher efficiency appliances help keep fuel consumption down and make natural gas pipe installations more economically feasible across the country.

One of the best ways to ensure that your gas heating appliance will operate correctly is by having one of our experts from Provident evaluate it when installed. An evaluation will provide information that will better match the heating appliance and the chimney. It will also give you and the chimney professional a point of reference to determine any changes in the chimney at future yearly evaluations. 

Venting Considerations

The heat produced by combustion is used to heat your home, but there are ways that you can save on this loss. For example, higher efficiency appliances like furnaces and boilers use the most generated waste to produce energy. The heating and venting system must be appropriately matched to achieve the safest operation. Improper matches often occur when flues or connector pipes are too large. Still, it can also happen if you have an inefficient appliance that doesn’t transfer enough heat into your home for efficient use of utilities like gas or electricity.

If you’re thinking of switching to gas for your heating needs, be aware that it can burn cleaner than oil or other fuels under optimum conditions. However, this depends on how well-ventilated and sealed off from the outside. The air may also carry chlorides that are often picked up from household cleaning products or other pollution. When chlorides combine with water, hydrochloric acid is formed. Other acids may form if water mixes with residues in the flue or with other air-borne pollutants. There are many benefits that come with a gas-burning stove

Water vapor is always produced during combustion. Burning one cubic foot of gas yields two and a half times as much water vapor. The heating appliance and venting system need to be matched correctly if we want our house warmed quickly enough without any condensation forming inside flues. If there is not enough heat, the water vapor will turn to liquid inside the flue. It is that acidic condensation that can deteriorate the inside of the flue.

Keeping Your Chimney Safe

The flue is an essential component of any fireplace. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to regulate the temperature in your home and prevent carbon monoxide from entering through the ventilation systems or cracks around windows/doors where fireplaces are installed without proper venting practices that can result in dangerous fumes. 

You can have one of our Chimney Sweep professionals inspect and service your chimney. If you notice any of the following signs on your heating/venting system, there may be a problem with how well-matched they are to one another. These can include:

The best way to prevent problems with your gas appliances is by ensuring that the lining system you purchase or even one that may already be in place for use with them was designed specifically.

Chimney Repair

The goal of Provident Roofing is to ensure the safety of your home by providing a chimney that does its job effectively. When a chimney is clogged or in need of repair, Provident Roofing is there to help. The smoke that becomes trapped in the vent ends up in your home. This pushes toxic chemicals into your house. A simple repair can guarantee your family’s safety.


Preventing water from entering your chimney system is the primary goal of tuckpointing. If the mortar joints are in disarray, water will seep down the chimney. Moisture can deal a severe amount of damage to your foundation or cause mold. Tuckpointing is far more cost-effective than a complete rebuild.

Chimney repair

Straight, solid, and well-sealed chimneys provide a beautiful touch to fine properties. As a roofing and masonry contractor, Provident Roofing will ensure your chimney(s) are adequately integrated with your roof covering and that bricks, mortar, and other masonry aspects of your chimney construction are solid, safe, and sound.

Chimney Rebuilding

The rebuild of a worn chimney is vital to the safety of your home. The air circulation allows the fires to burn wood more readily. Without proper ventilation, your wood burner will produce more smoke and less heat. Provident Roofing will repair your chimney to protect your home and warm your home.

Top Tier Chimneys only with Provident

With our long-lasting chimney systems, you can rest assured that your home will be protected from harmful odors and fires. For expert service today call Provident Chimney Systems.
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