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Our team is experienced in all home additions that you are interested in. We will provide quality construction for any new project, giving your house a fresh start with our renovation services.
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Home Additions, Decks, Siding, Window Systems, Fencing, and More

Provident Roofing can do it all! Our experience in home improvements goes beyond roofing to include your decks, siding, windows, and other interior and exterior property enhancements.

Beautify your property with durable products and knowledgeable installation practices by the professionals at Provident Roofing. No matter what type of home-building project you’re dreaming about, we’re here to do the job right for you.


The northeast enjoys nice, mild weather throughout spring, summer, and fall. Why not take advantage of the sun and fresh air by expanding your living and entertainment space with a beautiful new deck?

Provident Roofing's decks are great for many reasons

Design and Convenience

Provident Roofing can create a budget for your deck project based on the size, design, and materials you prefer. We’ll handle the permitting, design execution, deck sealing, and access points to the deck, including stairways and door openings.


Provident Roofing builds fences to provide your home with privacy, security, and landscaping enhancements. Our expert workmanship and range of fencing products will result in a beautiful, long-lasting look that suits your home and yard style.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences complement fine homes and are ideal for creating privacy. Provident Roofing can select a product, then paint or stain it to achieve the color and outdoor ambiance you have in mind.

Ornamental Fencing

Available in iron, aluminum, and steel materials, ornamental fences provide a rich, sophisticated look calling to mind formal gardens and estates. Picture a beautiful fence with rails, rings, finials, or scrolls. Provident Roofing can install ornamental fencing, which provides sound security while not obstructing landscape and architectural views of your property and surrounding environs.


New siding is another exterior home improvement specialty performed with unmatched skill by the professionals at Provident Roofing. We’ll enhance your home with the finest siding products made, including vinyl, metal siding, or engineered wood siding.

Whatever your tastes in home exterior design and materials, count on Provident Roofing to advise you well and perform excellent work when it comes to your siding needs.


Provident Roofing provides skilled installation of high-quality window products. Provident Roofing has the skills and experience to transform your windows into beautiful, better insulating enhancements to your property as an expert source for exterior building improvements.

Is it Time for New Windows?

Decades of built-up and peeling glazing around your windows, non-operable windows stuck in their casings and unopened for years, noticeable drafts making their way into your house from your window. These are just a few indications that it’s time to contact Provident Roofing and get advice on replacing your windows.

Factors that point to a need for a new window system:

New Construction Projects

New Jersey’s thriving economy, new home, and commercial construction create a great need for competent contractors. Demand for the best, highest quality professional roofing services is vital to any successful building project, and Provident Roofing provides exceptional service and project management.

New construction projects, such as one house or an entire subdivision require a roofing company’s utmost professionalism. With most new construction projects, there are multiple stakeholders, and the need for accuracy in pricing and project completion timelines is critical to bidding and financing. Provident Construction has unique expertise in new construction.

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Provident Roofing has the skills and experience to perform a wide range of home improvements beyond roofing. We’re New Jersey’s source for beautiful decks, fences, windows, room additions, and renovation projects.
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